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hoop sketches - series one

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Sam Owen Hull is an artist working in Manchester, UK.  Her work is an intuitive response to her world view, attempting to hold a moment in our constant state of flux, perhaps for comfort, maybe as evidence, using gestural painterly marks contrasted with and contained by the precision of hand embroidery.  The construction of her work reflects the contradictions of our needs and desires, from a micro to macro level, the construction of borders and systems against a desire for freedom, our contradictory relationship with nature, presence and absence, masculine and feminine, growth and decay.  She is endlessly inspired by both natural and urban environments, particularly where both meet, and shifting colour and light, using matte, satin and metallic threads in her work to reflect this.

Her current work released for sale is a series of 25 original Hoop Sketches, which explore these ideas experimentally through colour and mark making, and some of these elements are now being used in the construction of larger works. Whilst there may be the possibility of prints being available of these hoop sketches in the future, they are all unique artworks which will not be available again after they are sold to collectors. Further series of Hoop Sketches will be released as Sam Owen Hull's work develops. You can follow her process and inspirations on Instagram or Facebook, and see new completed work in the website's gallery.



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