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Sam Owen Hull is a Manchester based artist creating embroidered paintings.  Her abstract work is in turn gestural and precise, and strives to capture the moment in between the many polarities inherent in our lives by using these physical contrasts in her work.  

Sam completed a Fine Art BA(Hons) at Manchester Metropolitan University and has since worked across the city and beyond as an artist educator with many schools, colleges and galleries, including Manchester Art Gallery where she can often be found thoroughly enjoying working with young people amongst MAG's inspiring collections.  She has exhibited in the UK and internationally, with an interlude for motherhood causing a shift in her work towards smaller scale embroidered paintings which continue to explore those underlying themes with renewed vigour.  She currently has one of her Ruby Tail Wasp Hoops (pictured above) on display in Manchester Museum, and is currently developing larger scale paintings for exhibition in 2019.

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